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» Real estate lawyers

Real estate lawyers

The housing question (real estate purchase or rent) is essential for any city. However, in large cities this life sphere is complicated by numerous conflicts and clashes of interests.

The matter of real estate rise up many controversial legal relations. To resolve the challenge without any bad legal aftereffects one should turn for help to a qualified lawyer proficient in real estate and housing questions. It should be a specialist with large experience, proper skills and successful practice.

In Russia, it may be quite challenging for a person with no special knowledge in jurisprudence to stand upon his rights because on the other scale whether directly or indirectly appear interests of municipal, government authorities, public establishments, social organizations, large commercial entities, etc. But even if the counterparty is an individual it doesn’t mean that the dispute is to be resolved in your favor.

Keep in mind that the major part of individuals turn for professional legal support and a dispute between a professional and a person with no special knowledge and experience more likely won’t end up successfully for the latter. As a counter to your arguments, a professional will always be able to find solid counterarguments with references to law.

Judges, in turn, are not able to give legal advices necessary for you to stand for your rights. Therefore, you will have to stand against qualified specialist on your own.
That is why a person appeared in a puzzling situation concerning property rights definitely needs the support of a qualified lawyer, proficient in real estate matters. It's not a challenge to find one like that in a large city like Moscow. But the status of lawyer can't always guarantee experience and knowledge so necessary for success. The qualification of a lawyer emerges within his activity and successful results of it.

Among other things, the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” provide services in the area of property legal matters, including:

  • consulting concerning property issues;
  • real estate documentation legal analysis;
  • documentation drafting for dispute resolving within pretrial (claim) or trial procedures;
  • real estate deals legal support;
  • a deal’s clean title check;
  • a deal’s counter parties’ check;
  • representation of a client's interests in municipal, government, legal, law enforcement and other authorities or private institutions or within legal relations with individuals;
  • participation in disputes (conflicts) settlement;
  • assistance in voluntary agreement conclusion;
  • agreements drafting (sale and purchase agreements, rental agreements, marital settlement agreements, etc.).

It's just a qualified lawyer who can provide you with the legal support that will help to achieve the intended effect. To give the precise answer to your question, a lawyer should not only know the theory but have practice upon the disputable question, because theory and practice in Russia significantly diverge. More than that, the practical application of legal regulations varies in different territorial entities of the Russian federation, because rules of law may be defined ambivalently, which means that the objective interpretation of a legal rule is being substituted with the subjective one and it may happen quite frequently in Russia.
Don’t forget about the fact that in many regions of Russia you may fall victim of organized criminal networks, so-called “black realtors” and other swindlers, which work in the real estate market in quite a “professional” way. They work out every little detail of their criminal scheme so that no one could ever assume that it's not a real property owner but just a scammer sitting in front. However, that is just the point: a significant number of Russians has already fallen victims of such malefactors. That means – it’s quite dangerous to strike a deal without the complete check of its cleanness.

It may end up in serious trouble later. It's also important to remember that even though the scammers are brought to justice, it's quite hard to get the money back to its owner. It happens because such «professional» scammers think out all the possible case scenarios and normally they have no official income or any real estate in property that might be used for recovery of the money.

So, if you want to sell or purchase a real estate and be safe, we suggest you to turn for help to professional lawyers with large labor experience and practice on such issues.
The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» are always ready to provide you with legal support upon disputable or complicated property matters. Our lawyers have a large operational experience in cooperation with real estate agencies, subdivisions of the Federal Service for State Registration, cadastral office, Technical Inventory Bureau and other organizations which gives us the advantage in resolving of this kind of matters. By virtue of our efforts the real estate transactions are carried out promptly and with no negative aftereffects for a client.

If you choose MBA “MAGNETAR” for cooperation, you may be sure that your real estate purchase or sale transaction, property disputes will be executed and resolved promptly and properly. Moreover, a client may lean back and take no part at all in collection, analysis, and finalizing of the documents. The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” will make everything done for you as soon as possible which is quite important for the purpose of saving your time. Just call us and learn more about all the details about our services that may help to resolve your problem. All the contact information you may find in the respective section of our web-site.