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» Complicated arbitration disputes

Complicated arbitration disputes

It's hard to imagine today's business without any controversial situations, disputes and difficulties. The healthy competition is a natural thing within market relations. All too often business entities use illegal methods in this «armament race» causing the variety of civil legal disputes and adds complexity to financial and economic activities of law-obedient businessmen.

Economic disputes between business entities as well as public legal matters are considered in arbitration courts, because the parties of such proceedings are professionals: entrepreneurs, specialists employed by companies, authorized representatives of government and municipal bodies. The legal proceedings here are conducted at another level that differ from the level of regular courts.

Therefore, the regular legal knowledge is not enough for settlement of such disputes. That means, you definitely need professional legal support. The MBA “MAGNETAR” deals with complicated arbitral cases of any orientation. We take part directly in arbitral proceedings and represent our clients at preliminary (pre-action) stages.

If you have a complicated arbitral dispute to resolve, the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” may represent your interests at any stage of a legal proceeding. We take all efforts to settle a dispute in favor of our client as promptly as possible, almost directly after signing the contract, which helps to save time and significant amounts of money of our clients.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” provide the following services upon arbitral disputes:
  • legal analysis of documentation, situation, circumstances of a case;
  • service documents drafting;
  • real participation in an arbitral proceeding as a representative;
  • representation of interests at preliminary stage;
  • business correspondence conduction in order to settle a dispute;
  • gathering of evidence, counterarguments, for successful defense;

We deal with arbitral proceedings upon companies of any legal corporate form. We also provide assistance within economic disputes of personal entrepreneurs. Keep in mind that legal assistance can never be excessive. Even if there is an in-house lawyer in your company, it wouldn't go amiss to be on the safe side and check the legal position chosen by your lawyer.

Turning for help to a lawyer of the MBA «MAGNETAR» you will get a detailed answer to any of your questions concerning theory and practice of arbitral disputes. You will also receive information about the possibility of participation of our lawyers in arbitral proceedings.