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» Legal investigation is an integral part of successful work

Legal investigation is an integral part of successful work

In the modern society, it is very important not only to have facts to prove rightness, but also to be able to operate with them. Legal investigation may be necessary for both individuals and organizations. Not everyone can collect data independently, as well as correctly analyze it from a legal point of view. In this case, it is advisable to seek for professional help.

Independent legal investigation will help you to systematize important information, taking into account economic and legal interests of an individual or a legal entity. For example, if there is evidence of embezzlement of monetary funds from accounts of companies, specialists can help to collect all the necessary documents and information for applying to law enforcement agencies in order to initiate criminal proceedings and provide legal assistance with further participation in the case as a victim.

Collection of evidence within a criminal case

In the course of defense within a criminal case, a lawyer has the right to hold an own investigation in parallel with law enforcement agencies, when he is not only able to find out true facts, but to provide evidence to the court, taking significant influence over the results of the criminal case. It’s necessary to take into account the general practice, where we can see that due to various circumstances investigative bodies are not always able to conduct thorough and impartial examinations over a criminal case; while a lawyer always respect the interests of a principal in such cases. The professional approach is always important, no matter what circumstances are there. A lawyer will be able to draw an application to law enforcement agencies and gather the evidence base necessary to initiate a criminal case, as well as to help gathering and recording evidence, which, for various reasons, were missed by investigative bodies.

Gathering of information about the potential client of a company

Sometimes heads of organizations apply for help and legal investigation prior to starting cooperation with new business partners. The certain important data will help to take a decision on concluding a large-scale transaction or signing of a long-term contract. It also makes sense to turn to professionals if you plan to introduce a new founder into a business or to merge several businesses into one.

In this situation, it makes sense to check the partner on:
  • Solvency;
  • decency;
  • impeccability of business reputation.

It is important to make sure that the company is not in the process of liquidation and will not be declared bankrupt in the near future.

Establishment of the facts of thievery in a business environment
A lawyer uses legal investigation procedure when there is a need to find out the circumstances of the case personally, for example, in a company concerning theft, fraud, other illegal actions, desire of a person to verify his/her counterparty under the contract or to find out the truth on the case. The importance of carrying out an investigation by a lawyer is connected to confidentiality, which is often extremely important, as disclosure of information about the commission of a crime by a company’s employee will immediately affect the company's image and reputation.

Real estate check
Legal investigation is critical within legal reviews of apartments or other real estate units, where gathering of documents and information takes quite a while. Lawyers are the ones who are authorized to gather documents and information.

The capabilities of lawyers enable quick gathering of information, which will subsequently allow you to make a firm conclusion about the ‘cleanliness’ of a property.

The clean title to the real estate involves:
  • lack of illegal transactions with it in the past;
  • it is free from any kind of encumbrances or arrests;
  • there are no obstacles for conclusion of a transaction with this real estate and no concerns about it being litigated and found illegal;
  • The risk of litigation in the future property rights to housing is reduced to zero.

The result of examination of a real estate property unit is a guarantee of protection against possible legal actions and inquiries.

If it comes to a point that a case goes to court, the information received during preliminary investigation can be used as evidence that will significantly simplify the conduct of the case in court and help to resolve the dispute in the shortest time possible.
Legal investigation is the procedure performed by a qualified specialist with the focus on result.

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