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Civil Cases

Civil cases embrace a wide range of legal relationships between individuals and legal entities. We all have to face them from time to time: purchase and sale agreements, loan agreements, payments on utility services, etc.

It is almost impossible to achieve positive results without help of a competent specialist: whether it is about drawing up a civil-law contract or representation of interests at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

The lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR” can solve the most complicated and twisted legal tasks that may arise in the sphere of civil legal relations. Many years of experience allow our specialists to achieve positive results for their clients.

Despite the fact that individuals and legal entities are allowed to represent and defend their interests in court by their own efforts, it is quite difficult to understand all the nuances of law enforcement practice without help of a competent specialist.

The disputes arising from civil legal relations are the following:
  • collection of debts under civil contracts;
  • family disputes;
  • hereditary disputes;
  • protection of honor and business reputation;
  • housing disputes;
  • labor disputes;
  • consumer rights protection;
  • disputes with insurance companies;
  • disputes with credit institutions;
  • protection of intellectual property, etc.

The aforementioned types of civil disputes have their legal peculiarities, from judicial body we apply to for the protection of violated rights (courts of general jurisdiction or magistrates’ courts) down to peculiarities of execution of court decisions. For example, there are cases when it is possible to collect a debt under an executive document without participation of a court bailiff. It is also necessary to take into account the procedure of appealing of judicial acts and the time limits for applying to the court for protection of the violated right. For example, when applying for protection of the violated right, a client has the right to apply to the court at the place of his/her residence, no matter where a defendant resides, while the time limits of application upon labor rights protection were reduced.

A number of civil cases arise out of the trial process. There are cases when it is enough to submit a proper claim for obtaining the desired result, for example, upon repayment of a debt under a loan agreement or return of money for a poor-quality product.

There are also situations when it is necessary to register the civil relations prior to concluding a transaction in order to avoid unfavorable consequences, including judicial risks. In this case, the specialists of MBA “MAGNETAR” will help you to execute registration and conclusion of civil transactions, as well as to indicate all the necessary points in order to protect the interests of a client. For example, the agreement may make a provision for contractual jurisdiction or consideration of a dispute in the court of arbitration.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR”” have great experience in legal analysis of contracts, agreements, and claims and will be able to see all the possible risks and losses that a client may incur during the conclusion of a transaction. We provide consulting on a variety of issues that may arise within civil legal relations.