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» Complex legal defense of your business

Complex legal defense of your business

Taking the activity of our company in providing auditing, consulting and legal services as a basis, we elaborated the system of “complex legal defense of your business”, that allows us to meet any requirements of a client and to give prompt and adequate reaction upon the threads to stability of his business.

We genuinely believe, and our belief is confirmed by our labor experience, that only the complex approach to an issue may guarantee the successful result.

The main fields of complex business defense:

  • legal support within various inspections and checks conducted by the MIA, FTS, custom authorities, technical inspection and regulation authorities, consuming market controlling bodies, the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service;
  • analysis of a company’s business activity, complex assessment of threads from the side of competitors, analysis of possible changes in the market and legislation system;
  • settlement of an operational economic security system. The check of management for loyalty to founding parties;
  • the legal defense of management and employees of a company within criminal proceedings;
  • elaboration and realization of measures directed toward the defense against illegal takeover of a business;
  • intellectual property rights protection. Tasks resolution over the range of anti-counterfeiting activity;
  • fight against corruption and unfair competition.

To be able to meet the constantly growing requirements of our clients, the Moscow Bar Association “MARNETAR” always enlarges the scope of its activities, involving young dedicated experts.

Our huge legal experience of resolving various legal matters enables us to say with no doubts: "Your peace is our job".