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» Corporate disputes for individuals

Corporate disputes for individuals

The lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR” have a vast experience in support of business-projects and positive resolution of corporate disputes in favor of their clients. Our lawyers find the most suitable solutions for the cases that seem to be completely hopeless.
In the climate of modern economy, corporate disputes became an inevitable part of the entrepreneurship and lives of ordinary people and legal entities, and this is the reason why the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” have to deal with situations when a client needs legal support in resolution of corporate disputes. The most frequent type of corporate dispute is a dispute between shareholders upon matters concerning illegal disposition of assets or shares.

The legislation in the area of corporate legal relations do not stay still: law-making bodies always try to make new amendments in order to defend a proprietor against misappropriation of his shares (assets) by scammers. However, these legal innovations can't guarantee full protection of a property against abusive acts of ill-wishers.
It’s a frequent occasion when parties, being in trusting relationship, decide to set up a business and fail to formalize in a proper way all the documentation that might help to avoid corporate disputes in future. That’s why it’s essential to be assisted by a professional from the very first steps of planning and setting up a business to ensure the security of your undivided interest.

But unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the dispute is already there and in that case, the most important thing is the choice of a sufficient legal position for both the pretrial stage and the trial litigation.
The legal relations between corporate entities have some specifications which include, for instance, the jurisdiction of this sort of disputes. With no regard to parties (legal entities of individuals), corporate cases are heard in arbitration courts only. Time limits for having recourse to the court are normally limited.
It’s quite challenging for the person whose rights were violated to learn all the ins and outs of corporate legal relations, that's why timely intervention of a specialist enables the possibility to choose a proper and effective legal position for further legal defense.
Despite the fact that the Russian Legislation System has no concepts of the “corporate law” or the “corporate dispute”, the area of corporate disputes creates a large circle of legal relations.

Despite the aforementioned kinds of disputes, corporate disputes include:
  • violation of the order of proceeding at general meeting of shareholders (partners);
  • appeal of decisions of general shareholders (partners) meetings;
  • illegal election of corporate bodies;
  • appeal of transactions concluded without an appropriate acceptance by corporate bodies (large interest-party transactions);
  • omissions of dividends;
  • non-payment of the real value of shares when a partner (shareholder) leaves the company;
  • illegitimate refusal to provide a shareholder (partner) with information upon the legal entity;
  • violation of preemption right for purchase of shares(assets), etc.

The timely recourse to a specialist of the MBA “MAGNETAR” will help you to find a right way of the corporate dispute resolution and of achieving the intended effect in restoration of a violated right.