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» Corporate disputes of legal entities

Corporate disputes of legal entities

Corporate disputes may be harmful for entrepreneurship and may often result in selection of a wrong legal strategy or misestimating of risks in the course of business. Sometimes, a sort of situation occurs when potential entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of forming up the proper corporate relations with business-partners.

Managing parties, normally, have a workforce of lawyers dealing with legal matters, including those concerning corporate law. It’s important to acknowledge that corporate disputes are quite specific and to be able to resolve them a specialist has to be experienced enough, operative, precise and moreover, he has to understand the strategy of further actions in a current situation.

The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETER» have a solid practical experience in support of any kind of deals and in positive resolution of corporate disputes.
In order to minimize the risks within corporate disputes, the lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» may provide any kind of legal services regarding corporate law, including due diligence, M&A transactions support, restructuration of a group of companies or any other legal service.

Apart from that, regard must be paid to fact that the corporate law suffered a number of amendments lately. For instance, on May 30, 2015 the President of the Russian federation signed the Federal Law № 67-FL «Concerning amendments being made to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation with regard to ensuring the credibility of information provided within incorporation and sole trader registration procedures». The majority of these amendments came into effect from January 1, 2016. The changes affected the registration procedure as well as the procedure of formalization of the general shareholders meeting memorandum, criminalization of formation of a legal entity through a straw person, the item “straw person” appeared in the criminal code. The legislator enforced a party in interest to forward written statements to tax authorities concerning legal entities data updates. With the new amendments, authority of notaries at the stage of personal identification of an individual that turned for notarization, was also extended.

The aforementioned amendments are primarily intended to fight against fly-by-night companies and protection of businesses against illegal takeovers. However, as shows our practical experience, dishonest individuals always find new ways to override the legislation system in order to usurp a business, that's why it's important to establish adequate legal defense of your business-project.
The lawyers of our Bar Association may help you to plan the defense of your business to the smallest detail and to perform it in a proper way. If the dispute has already arisen, we will help you to resolve it as promptly as possible.

  • Legal entities as well as individuals may become shareholders (partners) of other legal entities. The aforementioned legal relations may result in corporate disputes, including:
  • disorderly conduct of general meetings of shareholders (partners);
  • appeal of decision of general meetings of shareholders (partners);
  • illegal election of corporate bodies;
  • appeal of transactions made without an appropriate approval of corporate bodies (major interested-party transactions);
  • omissions of dividends;
  • non-payment of the real value of shares when a partner (shareholder) leaves the company;
  • illegitimate refusal to provide a shareholder (partner) with information upon the legal entity;
  • violation of preemption right for purchase of shares(assets), etc.

The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» have a vast experience in all kind of aforementioned corporate disputes, that's why in any case you are to be provided with the best solution for prompt and successful resolution of your problem.