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Criminal cases

Nowadays it is very easy to become a defendant in a criminal case. It is enough to appear in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time under strange circumstances. As some law-enforcement officials say: “If there is a person, there will always be a suitable article of the Criminal Code for him”. However, if in civil proceedings you are more or less on the safe ground (except for monetary costs or restrictions), in a criminal process everything is just the other way around. The consequences may be much more severe and can even cause a term of imprisonment.

Illegal criminal prosecution can turn into a serious problem with severe negative consequences, including pretrial detention as a preventive measure during the inquiry or preliminary investigation, a conditional or real term of imprisonment with a large fine, in considering of a case by the court. Therefore, don’t think twice whether you need legal assistance or not. If you are suspected of committing a crime or a criminal complaint is lodged against you, you need a lawyer as soon as possible.

In a criminal process, every minute counts. Every hour of time delay affects your future destiny, life, freedom, monetary and moral well-being. And normally, there is not much use of public defenders. Don’t waste your time and sign an agreement for qualified legal assistance as soon as possible. Such an agreement would include all the aspects of your case which significantly increase the quality and guarantees of the legal services provided. Despite the abundance of lawyers, it is sometimes for some reasons difficult to get the high-quality legal assistance. In reality there are few real specialist in the sphere of criminal justice. It stands to mention that the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” (hereinafter – MBA “MAGNETAR”) has only qualified professionals with a great practical experience among its employees. At the same time, our prices are quite reasonable, established due to reasonable quality-to-price ratio and taking into account the complexity of a particular case.

If you hope to get qualified legal assistance for free, your expectations, of course, are clear, but the effectiveness of such assistance will more than likely leave much to be desired. Such an approach is obviously doomed to failure as the lack of necessary resources will not allow to cover all the costs and expenses associated with your legal defense. And even more so, it won’t let the lawyer to bring maximum efforts for the protection of your interests, which will inevitably affect the completeness of the assistance that shall be provided, and, as a result, on the final result.

Therefore, it is naive to expect great benefits and efficiency from any service that is free of charge, including in such areas as medicine or legal defense. For sure, you will be provided with a certain set of legal services. But it will be minimal, like any free service in Russia. And this is quite reasonable for any civilized state with developing market relations.

It would be much more reasonable to apply for competent and qualified legal assistance in criminal matters and to sign a legal service agreement at the very beginning, rather than to wait for the investigator’s assistance and assignment of a court-appointed lawyer.

The agreement with a lawyer has better be signed at the stage of arrival of the application for prosecution to investigative authorities. Or when you as a possible suspect but still in the status of a witness are about to be questioned by law enforcement officials. Even if they assure you that you are only named in case as a witness, it is better to go for questioning accompanied by a lawyer. This right is indicated in the current criminal procedure code. The sooner a lawyer begins to take an active part in the criminal procedure as your counsel, the more effective his/her work will be, and the easier it will be to prevent the illegal criminal prosecution or to perform the defense of your interests in a criminal case.

By signing a legal service agreement with the lawyer of MBA “MAGNETAR”, you will be sure that the protection of your legitimate interests will be in reliable hands. And what is the most important, you will get qualified legal assistance with the best benefit for you taking into account the complexity of the case.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” provide the following types of legal assistance in the criminal process:

Protection of clients' interests in the criminal case at the stage of inquiry, preliminary investigation and in court, including:
  • collection of initial materials upon the message or the application submitted to law enforcement agencies;
  • appealing of decisions, sentences in the appellate, cassation, supervisory instances;
  • resumption of proceedings due to newly discovered circumstances;
  • legal investigation (collection of evidence confirming the suspect's alibi, contradiction of the evidence obtained by the investigation bodies against the suspect, accused or a defendant);

Gathering of evidence for:
  • creation of legal conditions for impossibility of bringing a client to criminal liability even at the stage of initiation of a criminal case;
  • establishing the grounds for termination of criminal prosecution in connection with absence of events of crime or signs of a crime among the actions of the suspect or the accused;
  • termination of criminal proceedings due to settlement with the injured party (by forging a compromise of interests of the parties, making amends for the harm, etc.).

In Russia, judgments of acquittal are not delivered too often. Therefore, a lawyer in the criminal proceeding shall make every effort to stop the criminal prosecution for compelling reasons at the pre-trial stage. These are the key objectives set by the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR”. With the assistance of our lawyers a number of criminal cases were successfully terminated in Moscow and beyond its limits. The keystones of success in such cases are the timely recourse for legal support and the professionalism of the defense lawyer.

Another point in substantive and procedural rules and regulations of the criminal law is the impossibility of bringing a legal entity to criminal liability. All responsibility for illegal actions of an economic entity falls on officials of a particular company. But often, the executives of a company fall unmeant victims of coincidence or an order of higher management, or even worse, they become “straw persons”. In order to prove the non-involvement of such a manager in committing a socially dangerous act, the assistance of an experienced lawyer specializing in the relevant category of crimes is simply indispensable. In the MBA “MAGNETAR”, there are specialists of various legal orientations, including experienced lawyers proficient in economic, environmental, corruption and other cases.

The key to success in applying to the MBA “MAGNETAR” is the use of a complex approach by our lawyers, starting with the analysis of the legal situation: using consultations of specialists of the certain profile. It allows us to analyze and think over all the possible options within the and to find the best solution for it, including termination of the criminal prosecution in the shortest time possible if its possible.