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Economic crimes

The Moscow Bar Association «MAGNETAR» united a number of experienced lawyers, proficient it providing qualified legal support at any stage of the economic criminal case proceedings, including:

  • legal defense (representation of corporate interests or the interests of public officials) within operational searches/ investigative actions. Including: searches of premises, vehicles, terrain searches, examinations, captions, etc.;
  • representation of a principal's interest during preliminary investigation or questioning as the witness upon a criminal case;
  • defense of interests of a principal suspected, accused or prosecuted upon a criminal case;
  • prompt on-site visit for urgent participation in defense of interests of within an economic criminal case or during preliminary investigations.
  • legal defense against illegal take-overs, paid-for audits initiated in order to drive an entity off the occupied sector, legal support in all the law-enforcement, supervisory, local and government authorities.

Our solutions differ from other ones in the legal market because of the complex approach which also includes the involvement of various specialists proficient in specific matters.