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Family Disputes

The Russian Federation is a secular state, and family relations of its citizens are regulated by the relevant family legislation, which is well known by the lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR”. For successful resolution of a dispute (in court or in pre-trial order) arising from family legal relations, the expertise and mental flexibility of the lawyer are essential, such as those of the lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR”.

Generally, family disputes arise in the following spheres of legal relations:
  • concerning division of spouses’ property;
  • concerning payment of alimony for children, spouse and parents;
  • concerning determination of place of residence of children;
  • concerning establishment of the communication order between a parent and a child living apart from each other;
  • concerning establishment of paternity and deprivation of parental rights.

For example, in family disputes upon the division of spouses' property, the lawyer’s action speed is critically important so that the property under dispute does not ‘disappear’, i.e. would not be realized or re-registered to any third party, and in case of dispute over the residence of children, it is important that children are not taken out and hidden in a place unreachable for the second parent.

For example, in the dispute over division of spouses' property, the main postulate of the family legislation of the Russian Federation says that all property acquired by spouses in marriage shall be their joint property and shall be divided between them in equal shares. However, this postulate can easily be overridden: to impeach a transaction that gives property rights to the spouses or to back out of the equality of the spouses' shares, proving that the spouse caused damage to the interests of the family or the property was acquired on his/her personal funds received before marriage.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” have a huge number of successful, proper algorithms in their portfolios that certainly bring positive results for a client and they are ready to apply them in your case.

The desired results are achieved due to high competence and corporate unity of our lawyers. We have an old rule in our Bar Association – we always hold corporate councils where we discuss the problem and develop the most effective way of its resolution all together.

Therefore, if you want your family dispute to be fairly resolved or the outcome of the dispute to be the most favorable and optimal for you, you should definitely turn for help to the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR”.