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» Civil Law Practice

Civil Law Practice

Civil-law disputes relate to resolution of conflicts arising from a wide range of civil, labor, public, family, housing and other types of legal relations. For this reason, civil disputes involve a variety of issues.

An interested person who wants to go to court with a statement of claim often faces many difficulties, which lead to time losses, reducing chances for successful and rapid resolution of a conflict situation.

The Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” offers qualified assistance in the field of civil law disputes.
To take a decision upon a particular issue, you need to process a large number of documents, taking into account changes in legislation and other nuances. Only a professional, qualified lawyer can do this at a high-quality level.

Why should you turn for help to a lawyer?

Sometimes it seems that the case is not complicated at all and it’s easy to cope with the resolution of it yourself. However, only a qualified lawyer can study the matter, paying attention to important details and gather evidence so that in case of trial the decision is made in favor of the interested party.

Turning for help to the MBA “MAGNETAR” our clients receive:
  • legal support upon any matter, taking into account the latest legislative amendments;
  • case management from the moment of the first consultation until the result is received.

How does it work?

If there is a need of getting legal assistance in matters of civil law practice, it is necessary to apply to a specialist of the MBA “MAGNETAR”. To do this, just fill-in the form on our website or contact a duty lawyer by phone.

After the initial consultation and analysis of an issue we sign the contract, which indicates all the nuances of future cooperation.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” prepare all the documents for representation of interests of a party in court. However, in some cases, with properly constructed work, it is possible to resolve the issue in a pre-trial order.

The assistance of specialists of the MBA “MAGNETAR” in resolving civil legal issues allows to save time and find a solution convenient for both parties.

In case you have more questions, ask now, so that today you might define the behavior model and develop a program of further actions.

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