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» Insurance disputes in case of a road traffic accident

Insurance disputes in case of a road traffic accident

Nowadays, a car is not a piece of luxury anymore, first of all, it's just a transport, quite accessible for many, therefore the driving risks grow with the time. Together with convenience goes a number of threats.
One of these threads is a traffic accident. That’s why every owner of a vehicle intents to buy an insurance certificate, supposing that it will shield him from possible problems, but this idea is wrong.
Today, traffic accident is not just a multiple collision, it's the event that brings a number of issues along, concerning proper registration of an accident and the right way of interaction with an insurance company and in the final count concerning compensation of harm within the shortest time.

The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» have solid experience in disputes with insurance companies and a large number of successful cases upon recovery of damage.
Today, the biggest part of insurance disputes are being resolved not in favor of the insuring party, and a little part of them goes to court.
Insurance companies use different ways to avoid their obligations, including:

  • unwarranted refusal of admission of an insurance event with further insurance refund;
  • significant underestimation of property damage evaluation findings and as a result, under-declaration of refund.

The insurance companies presume on the lack of legal knowledge on the part of citizens. In case of rejection within occurence of the insured event most of them don't even try to stand upon their rights set in law and in contract and as a result insurance companies turn out to be right.

Most of the people agree with calculations given by insurance companies even though in 99% of cases the calculation is performed by expert organizations acting for the benefit of insurance companies and they detract the refund amounts twice, sometimes even thrice, stilling your money.
The receipt of an insurance compensation consists of several stages: filling of documents, signing of vehicle inspection certificate and finally hours of queueing in insurance companies that eventually fork not in your favor but only give more reasons for rejections or detracting of refunds, no matter what was damaged – your property or your health.

The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» will release you from these unpleasant processes and will take upon their shoulders the settlement of disputes with an insurance company until all the obligations are fulfilled by the company. Sometimes the properly drafted preliminary letter of claim may help to avoid numerous problems in future and guarantee the timely recovery of damages.

If a case goes to court, the lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» guarantee the respect of your rights at all stages including the stage of the judgement execution by the Federal Bailiff Service, as receiving of a judgement is just half of success. The amount recovered still has to be received, which is quite complicated at the moment.
The timely intervention of a professional will let you minize expences and make easier the solution of your problem.