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Labor Disputes

How often do Russian employees face the injustice of employers? The latter, using their official position or a certain social status, for some reason feel themselves completely invulnerable and quite often violate the legitimate rights of employees. It’s not a big deal to fall into disgrace of the management. It is enough simply to be disliked by a manager or to express your opinion once in his presence. Various outrages up to illegal discharge are guaranteed. In such case, it may be quite a challenge to prove that you are right because against an ordinary employee stands the whole staff of professionals, including lawyers. And as for labor organizations (even if they are some) do not perform their functions at all, thus leaving people to their fate.

However, a situation may be completely reversed. Very often employers have to deal with dishonest employees who violate labor discipline or commit more serious misconducts at work or during the performance of their functions. However, both sides of a labor dispute may need support of a professional lawyer. Even if you have in-house lawyers in your company, it is better to get the consultation of an independent specialist in order to stay culm about a significant decision taken.
The MBA “MAGNETAR” will help you to deal with an issue of any complexity, no matter what it is about and which side of the dispute you are standing on.

Our lawyers provide the following types of services upon resolution of labor disputes:
  • any kind of consulting convenient for the client;
  • clarification of current laws and regulations, applicable in a certain dispute situation;
  • preparation of procedural and non-procedural documents (for resolution of an issue in pre-judicial order after a written appeal directly to the employer, the labor inspectorate and other human rights organizations competent in consideration of such issues);
  • representation of clients' interests in all the state or municipal bodies and private companies;
  • participation in negotiations with employers, and officials of the competent authorities;
  • resolution of disputes in the sphere of labor relations at any stage of conflict.

In case you want to learn more about labor disputes and the ways of their resolution, you shall immediately apply to the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” by contacting us via the contact phone number. Our solicitors and qualified lawyers will answer all your questions and provide you with recommendations on the further course of action. For more detailed analysis of the situation it is necessary not only to describe all the circumstances of the conflict, but to provide documents related to the case for inspection. In this case, we will be able to give you the definite answer about your controversial situation, as well as to give suggestions upon getting out of it with minimum losses or with maximum benefit.

If the conflict has already grown into a lawsuit, you certainly need a lawyer upon labor disputes. Only a qualified lawyer with the appropriate status can take part in a civil process productively. As in any other case, it’s a lawyer’s expertise that counts. The status of lawyer and the successful practice confirm the relevant qualifications and skills of a lawyer. Don’t pass your destiny into hands of a dilettante – just turn for help to lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR”. We’ve got a highly valuable advantage - many years of experience in resolution of labor disputes. We help people who find themselves in the most difficult and twisted life situations, we are always ready to give a helping hand to all those who apply to us, using individual approach to legal assistance.

Nowadays, qualified legal assistance upon labor law is as valuable as gold. Unfortunately, the great demand for legal services generates the proportional number of proposals but like in any other market not all is gold that glitters.

All the employees of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” have the required qualifications, knowledge, skills, long work experience, and positive practice in the field of labor law. If necessary, you can learn customers’ feedback on our website in order to make sure of our reliability and reputation. We appreciate trust of our clients and never leave a case unresolved, always getting the job done.

In case you need assistance of a lawyer in labor law matters, just pay a visit to the MBA “MAGNETAR”. If for some reason, you find difficult to do this, after your phone call we can perform an on-site visit to your office or any other address in order to resolve the problem right away. We provide a wide range of services upon such matters. No matter what happened and which difficulties you are facing, our employees will always find a way to resolve them in the shortest time possible. With us you can be sure that you are under reliable protection.