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Legal support

In contemporary Russia, the legal support of business and individual transactions is an integral measure. Nowadays, no transactions can be done without the legal analysis of documentation, drafts of agreements, internal and external factors of the proceeded transactions because some of the counterparties act illegally and try to hide significant circumstances of the deal that may be important.

For instance, quite often one of the parties of an agreement provides information about the cleanness of the deal which is known to be false. Including the information about presence/absence of any third parties whose rights may be harmed by such a deal. Or sometimes the sellers (intermediaries) offer for sale a real estate with the false data in technical and legal documentation.

As a result, the purchaser is obliged to fix the matters with documentation and what is essential to cover the additional expenses that might have been avoided in case of turning for help to a qualified specialist.

The MBA “MAGNETAR” provides legal support within legal relations between individuals, personal entrepreneurs, legal entities, including:

  • legal support of deals, complex assistance in performance of transactions (including agreements drafting, statements of disagreements upon contracts provided by another party, etc.);
  • mistakes and errors detection, elaboration of suggestions upon their resolving;
  • legal analysis of documentation: incoming/outgoing correspondence, business mailing, accounting, tax and financial reports and other documents;
  • participation in internal and external controlling, supervisory and other legal measures;
  • representation of interests of a company or individual interests in all kind of government and municipal authorities, law-enforcement bodies, courts, etc.

The lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” will carry out all the necessary actions to perform a deal for you after checking the counterparties within databases and other sources upon legal cleanness of their activities.