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» Organizations liquidation “Turn-key”

Organizations liquidation “Turn-key”

A business not always ends up in success. Various life circumstances, unfavorable economic and social factors result in financial disaster of a company or in understanding of the fact that further development of a business in such a way is simply meaningless. But if you only terminated the activity of your company it doesn't mean that the company stopped its existence as a business entity. Despite termination of all kind of economic and financial transactions, you still have all the same legal obligations towards government that you would have if you would have continued your business activities. It means that you will still have to provide tax bills to revenue bodies. And in case you have fixed tax payment system, you will also have to pay taxes. Beyond that, you will anyway have to pay pension and insurance fees.

Otherwise, a company would be in debt and you may first be called to administrative account and then if the debt grows, you may even be charged with the criminal offence. That’s why it’s legally wise and economically reasonable to liquidate the company. This decision is to be taken by the founder. However, sometimes founding parties don’t know how to do it with minimum financial losses and without any bureaucratic protractions.

MBA «MAGNETAR» provides services upon closing of companies of any legal form, including those that have business or loan debts, debts on obligatory contributions (payments to federal, regional, local and non-budgetary funds). Our employees may offer you consultations upon any questions concerning liquidation of a company (including private entrepreneurship) or, in some cases, may offer you to undertake the liquidation procedure. We also provide complex services upon liquidation of companies with no participation of their founding parties, carrying out all the necessary actions ourselves. This kind of service is called the “turn-key”.

If you are about to carry out the liquidation procedure, the lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» may provide you step-by-step instruction as promptly as possible. We operate in various forms including on-site visits to whether legal or actual address of a company. Besides legal services we also perform audits of accounts and records, tax and financial documentation which enables the company to be closed with due regard to real financial environment of it. We don't take the job formal but for all intents and purposes perform all the measures that have to be done by the founding parties of the company within the liquidation procedure. With the individual approach, we fulfill an order in accordance with actual conditions of a company, not by standard pattern like many other organizations do. It brings us to favorable competitive positions in the legal market.
If you don't know how to liquidate a single member LLC or how to close a sole proprietorship, do not hesitate to turn for help to MBA «MAGNETAR». Here you can get detailed step-by-step information on what you should do if you want to perform this procedure yourself. In case you have no time to camp out on the doorsteps of all sorts of authorities which you will have to visit within the liquidation procedure, we are always ready to do it for you. The employees of our company faithfully represent interests of our clients in all kind of authorities and bodies (of federal, regional and local relevance).

Keep in mind that the liquidation procedure may take a while in case you act not thoughtfully enough. If there are debts of any kind or reported data mismatches (contradictions in reporting documents), they may result in rejection of your application by tax authorities until all the mistakes, shortages and mismatches are fixed. On the meanwhile your indebtedness to the government will be growing until the company is completely liquidated because it depends on the legal duration of the company, not on the factual one. Besides, in case a debt or a fee is not paid or not paid in time, the authorities will charge additional penalties and penal sanctions which will significantly increase the amount being recovered from you. If government authorities or counterparties apply to court, your operational accounts may be blocked and company's property arrested in aid of execution. As a result, you won’t be able to proceed any financial transactions but the debts will still be there to be paid. A call to a lawyer of MBA «MAGNETAR» may help you to get off the most complicated situation. Don’t leave such an important matter like liquidation procedure unattended. Nobody needs any additional financial struggles and disputes with law enforcement bodies. Therewith, it may affect your business reputation in future if one day you want to set up a new business.

Within the liquidation procedure, it's rather wise and rational to turn for assistance to a professional lawyer, and after getting a detailed briefing, to act in accordance with the algorithm provided especially for you. If you choose the services of the MBA “MAGNETAR”, you may be sure that your company will be closed in a legally proper way and as promptly as possible. Moreover, you won’t get any problems with law enforcement, regulatory or any other authority in future. All your problems and challenges we take upon ourselves!