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Tax Practice

Today, legal entities and individuals need professional legal protection in case of tax disputes arising.

Fiscal bodies charge considerable amounts of money either erroneously or with violation of the rules and regulations of the tax legislation, in this case professional legal support is indispensable.

The tax practice lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR” have considerable practical experience in interacting with tax authorities, in representing of interests of taxpayers and protecting their violated rights following the results of tax inspections. Depending on the situation, disputes over taxes can be resolved in a pre-trial and judicial manner.

The MBA “MAGNETAR” will provide you with highly qualified legal assistance in case of tax disputes.
  • Advisory assistance in tax disputes.
  • Study of a set of tax audit documentation.
  • Suspension of collection of funds from the company's current account.
  • Suspension of debt collection at the expense of the company's property.
  • Minimizing debt and penalties.
  • Return of overpaid tax payments.
  • Protection of interests during desk and tax audits.
  • Assistance in deeming the IFTS decisions unlawful.
  • Representing of interests of a client in court and challenging the decisions of the tax authorities in the pre-trial order.

High level of professionalism of employees is ensured by regular training, as well as by passing the refresher courses. Employees specialize in specific branches of law, which allows you to study the question being studied as thoroughly as possible.

In case you have more questions just call us or send us an e-mail or fill the special form on our Web site. Timely appeal to a lawyer will help to avoid mistakes in further work, as well as consider emerging conflict situations to take the right decision.


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