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» About the MBA "MAGNETAR"

About the MBA "MAGNETAR"

The Moscow Bar "MAGNETAR" - the complex decision for protection of your business in the territory of Russia.
Lawyers and experts of MKA "MAGNETAR" on a fixed basis advise clients concerning a corporate law, the tax legislation, the legislation on a currency control, the antitrust law, intellectual property right, bankruptcy, land legal relationship, the banking law, a labor right, a family and succession law, real estate transactions, examination of agreements, legal proceedings and to others, including in connection with participation in the considered legal relationship of foreign physical persons and organizations.

The Moscow Bar "MAGNETAR" aims to build long-term and mutually beneficial relations with the clients. Operational rendering highly professional legal aid to clients – a main objective of activities of lawyers of Board. First-priority attention to the interests of the client, individual approach, professional honesty, responsibility – the basic principles on which lawyers in the work rely.

The main activities of MBA "MAGNETAR" are:

  • Protection of interests of physical persons and legal entities when conducting investigation verifications by law enforcement officers and also maintenance during the investigation of criminal cases
  • Protection of interests of physical persons and legal entities when conducting public investigation and search operations by law enforcement officers (participation in surveys, searches, inspections of rooms)
  • Representation of interests of physical persons and legal entities during actions when conducting cameral and exit tax audits
  • Legal support of transactions
  • Arbitral disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy proceeding support
Our solicitors and lawyers provide complex bankruptcy proceeding support throughout Russia. Considerable bankruptcy proceeding support experience at all stages of a case with the involvement of various specialists let us achieve the best results possible and to gain maximum economic effect for our client.

The support of monitoring procedures, financial improvements, external management, bankruptcy proceedings, legal protection of interests of lenders, debtors, arbitration managers, legal evaluation of a debtor enterprise’s business, titling documents concerning personal and real estate, search of a candidate for the arbitral manager position within the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure, organizations and debt restructuring, development of optimal assets distribution layout– are the services, provided by the MBA "MAGNETAR".

Legal positioning within administration of complaints on actions or lack of actions of the arbitral manager and statements of the arbitral manager removal is performed taking into account specificity of each and every bankruptcy case.
Lawyers of the MBA "MAGNETAR" are proficient in cases of bringing debtor’s property owners to subsidiary responsibility as well as other individuals having the right to give the debtor obligatory instructions or having another opportunity to determine his actions, concerning high-profile matters as well.

Another separate category of bankruptcy proceeding – is a real-estate developer’s bankruptcy and protection of deceived investors’ rights. Our clients get their problems resolved no matter how complicated or biased they were.
Resolution of current essential economic and corporate disputes and objectives
Lawyers of the MBA "MAGNETAR" give prompt reaction and resolve in the shortest term legal problems of our partners and clients concerning Russian Federation Federal Law № 115 dated 07.08.2015 “Concerning the Counteraction of the Legitimization {Laundering} of Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism”.

Among these problems are illegal retention of money on the account of our client and transfer failure (non-granting) of such funds by order of the organization, individual entrepreneur or an individual, with reference to the Russian Federation Federal Law № 115 dated 07.08.2015 “Concerning the Counteraction of the Legitimization {Laundering} of Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism”. In 2016 only, dozens of millions rubles were withdrawn from illegal retention by banks and transferred to legal owners’ accounts letting our clients to avoid adverse effects for their businesses in the form of non-execution of liabilities and further inevitable bankruptcy.

The MBA "MAGNETAR" provides full legal support within registration actions in a tax authority, minimizes risks for clients’ businesses concerning the increase of legislative pressure over deals with with unreliable (from the standpoint of government authorities) counter parties.

The specifics of the new Federal law No. 67 dated 30.03.2015 -"Concerning amendments being made to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation with regards to ensure credibility of information provided within incorporation and individual entrepreneurs official registration” are well examined by specialists of "AUTO-AUDIT" including actual implementation of the Russian Federation Criminal Code amendments, providing responsibility for false representation of companies (Art. 173.1, 173.2 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code).

Lawyers of the MBA "MAGNETAR" perform analysis and take prompt measures for settling matters of debtor indebtedness of their clients. The Moscow Bar Association "MAGNETAR" acting in the best interest of its clients, provide legal support within the process of execution of a judgment, protecting their principals both in case of a debt collection in their advantage and from abuse of enforcement officers’ power.In case of a debt collection from the Debtor: consultations, including written advice by the legislation regulating executive production, financial statusing of a debtor, negotiations about voluntary compensation of a debt with the party at fault, representation of principals’ interests at the bailiff department, cooperation and work with court bailiffs for the purpose of effective debt collection, assistance in court ruling execution, on-site visits for debtor’s property inventory for further realization and providing the debt repayment when it is required, appeal of actions (non-act) of the bailiff department officials.

In case of illegal acts of the bailiff department officials: representation of a debtor-client’s interests within executive production, appeal of actions (non-act) of the bailiff department officials, filing of an application for expulsion from the inventory and discharge of property, collection order establishing, expulsion through legal proceedings of the property (or its parts) arrested by the officer, but not belonging to the debtor.
Tax consulting and procedural defense
For more than ten years, solicitors and lawyers have been providing complex interests’ defense of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals regardless of specifics of their businesses.

The main objectives of our specialists are both the primary problem analysis with risks expectancy, and elaboration of further personalized measures to address the problem. The MBA "MAGNETAR" widely defines the concept of tax consulting. For us it is accurate and harmonious mutual work of tax consultants, auditors, security specialists and mass media.

Consulting concerning payment and calculation of taxes, charges and other obligatory fees, timely in-office and on-site audit support, taxation risks analysis and elaboration of measures aimed at their elimination concealing from competitors, completion of tax tasks, development of recommendations (conclusions) to exclude claims from monitoring bodies, creation of procedural documents, analytics and transfer pricing – these are some of the services provided by the MBA "MAGNETAR".

Our lawyers are ready to join a case at any stage of succession of events (Art. Art. 195, 196, 198, 199, 199.1, 199.2 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code). Representation of a client’s interests within tax matters and bankruptcies in the controlling and law enforcement agencies (Prosecution service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Investigation Committee, the Interpol, etc.). Participation in all kind of legal proceedings – surveys, questionings, searches, captions and other activities that may affect businesses. Preparation of safe, timely and profitable offers in order to resolve the problem.

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