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» Legal help and advice upon housing issues

Legal help and advice upon housing issues

Perhaps, the most actual problem of our age is dispute situations, conflicts in the area of housing legal relations. Some people have to deal with social housing matters or privatization procedures. Others face problems in the area of mortgage lending, project financing at the cost of family (maternity) capital. Still others cannot disperse hereditary or common property. In fact, there can be numerous disputes of that kind. The versatility of housing relations is proportional to multidimensionality of possible housing disputes. Legal practice in Russia (upon this kind of disputes) is very contradictory, which gives rise to an infinite number of interpretations of the same rules of law.

Such state of affairs confuses even professional lawyers, not to mention ordinary citizens. It means that in Russia it is simply impossible to deal with the problem concerning housing legal relations on your own. All of this is being aggravated by the widespread bureaucracy, requiring provision of a load of certificates and various types of documents that also have to be frequently updated. In fact, a situation often reaches the point of nonsense. People are obliged to provide documental proof of reliability of the previously provided data even though the detailed legal analysis of documents already confirms their reliability. However, employees of municipal and state structures simply don’t want to get into the contents of documents and stubbornly demand to confirm that ‘You are a human, not a giraffe’. The MBA “MAGNETAR” fights for your interests almost 24 hours a day. A simple phone call to our specialists can help you to avoid the waste of time, power and, which is the most important, the damage of slowly regenerating nerve cells.

The housing disputes are considered as follows:
1. If a special law provides for a mandatory claim (pre-judicial) order, you should comply with it prior to applying to the court or other instance with complaints. The claim or proposal to settle the dispute peacefully is sent directly to the second party of the dispute. If such party is a municipal or state institution, it is better to send the document by registered mail with a notification, because they may not want to register your application at the reception (secretariate).

2. If a special law does not provide for a mandatory pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute, or you formally complied with it, the next stage is a complaint to a higher or supervisory body or directly to the court. In the overwhelming majority of cases it’s an alternative procedure. So, for example, a person has the right, in a number of cases, to write a complaint/application to the Housing Inspectorate or other supervisory authority or directly appeal to the court. Unfortunately, all these procedures are often declarative. So, they exist on paper (defined de jure), but de facto they don’t work. In any case, it happens when people apply without specific references to applicable in such situation legal regulations. So, if you happen to appear in the middle of a housing dispute, we strongly recommend you to turn for help to a professional lawyer. This is the priority rule of modern Russia and many other countries aiming for establishment of a social and law-governed state.

3. The last and final stage in all the cases is a legal recourse. If a complaint to some instances may be drawn on an individual’s own, a statement or a complaint to the court cannot, because representatives of the legal authorities in any way try to prevent registrations of applications, which, in their opinion, are not ‘on the form’. And this is with the assumption that there are no strict forms regulating the filing of external procedural documents to the court in Russia. However, it does not stop legal officers from illegal rejection, discontinuance or return of applications. So, in case of housing disputes that have to be brought to court, a lawyer is the first specialist to visit for proper preparation of the procedural documentation, otherwise you may happen to face many obstacles.

Applying for legal assistance in the “MBA MAGNETAR”, you will get a detailed and comprehensive answer to your question concerning housing legal relations. We don’t waste our clients' time. We appreciate your attention and loyalty, that’s why our specialists make every effort to resolve the issue of our clients as promptly as possible.

The MBA “MAGNETAR” provides following services upon the aforementioned disputes:

  • housing disputes - consultations, including oral, written (with references to the applicable regulations and, if necessary, commenting on the specified norms of the law);
  • legal support of transactions (including further legal analysis of related documents to determine the legality of the contract);
  • representation of interests of a client in government or municipal institutions, private organizations, law enforcement, and judicial bodies;
  • assistance in actual settlement of housing disputes at different stages, no matter how long ago has the conflict happened;
  • preparation of procedural and related documents.

The MBA “MAGNETAR” helps people who find themselves in any kind of a disputable or conflict situation. For us nothing is impossimble. All the obstacles are just an implementation of our intelligence. So, together we can overcome all the difficulties that may arise on your way.