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Tax disputes

The area of tax legal matters is the most complicated one in the Russian legal framework. It has something to do with the fact that the tax legislation frequently undergoes changes. Almost every year the tax legislation is being significantly evolved, resulting in sophistication of the tax information legal consciousness on the part of individuals and in occurrence of various legal cases.

Its negative contribution make numerous, sometimes absolutely controversial instructions and letters of the Ministry of Finance followed by tax authorities. It normally results in the conflict of laws and taxpayers, particularly corporates, inevitably fall victims of it. Even lawyers and tax authorities themselves quite often misinterpret and misapply tax legislation regulations causing legal conflicts and tax disputes.

Despite all the negative factors, there is always a way out of a problematic situation. The lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association «Magnetar» provides advocacy of taxpayers. The key condition of success is to timely turn for professional legal help, because time is not only money, but a possibility to solve a problem with minimum loss.

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Complicated economic, tax and corruption orientated cases

The defense of your company can't be complete if the professional "first aid" measures are not taken which include both the defense of a certain individual during criminal proceedings and the representation of his interests at the stage of pre-investigation check or during the questioning as a witness within the criminal proceeding.

Sometimes it seems to be like there is no way out of a certain situation that happened. Criminal proceeding- is one of the less pleasant sides of the criminal law which consists of several stages: pre-investigation check, initiation of a criminal case, preliminary investigation, litigation procedure and then execution of a sentence.

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Personal and corporate bankruptcy

At a time of crisis (economic depression), financial collapses of business units and regular citizens are inevitable. It’s an open secret that most of the people in Russia live on credit. The deficit of proprietary funds, low income and numerous risks on the side of entrepreneurs along with underdeveloped market relations often lead to individual and corporate indigence. It’s almost impossible to get off the debt bondage without any help because banks are much stronger in both the economic and the legal aspects. Their reputation works for them. They have the staff of qualified lawyers specialize in banking law and credit legal matters.

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