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Personal lawyer

Every day we face some situations and not all of them are in the field our expertise. The short history line of Russian legal culture sometimes forces us to shoot in the dark relying on intuition only, not turning to specialists for help.

In the meanwhile, the result may depend on our personal position, behavior, actions or non-actions, words or silence at the very moment.

Becoming the subscriber of our international and legal support program «Personal Lawyer», you get twenty-four-hour legal support from our specialists that can give you advices concerning your further actions and help with elaboration of a behavior pattern.

  • A personal lawyer is always ready to help you. You may call him and ask for help any time;
  • A personal lawyer will never tell you that he is busy and won’t ask you to call back. You can be sure that your problem will be resolved as promptly as possible;
  • A personal lawyer supports you, watches the development of the case. He won't need much time to see which way the situation is going;
  • A personal lawyer, if we talk about our lawyer, doesn't work on his own. We are a coordinated team and if one of us needs help – we conduct his case all together.

  • Prompt on-site visit of a lawyer in case of arrest or commission of a crime against client (twenty-four-hour a day).
  • Telephone consultations upon legal matters, matters of personal security and behavior in potential hazardous, conflict and emergency situations;
  • Telephone consultations concerning legal relations with law-enforcement authorities;
  • In emergency situations – telephone communication establishment and provision of cooperation in the name and on behalf of a client with government and law-enforcement authorities’ representatives;
  • Preparation and submission of requests to various companies in accordance with the Federal Law “Concerning legal profession and advocacy”.