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» Police checks and tax audits

Police checks and tax audits

Nowadays, police checks of businesses are not unusual. The Russian business of today is kept under everyday pressure of supervisory (regulatory) authorities. Almost every month the legislation system undergoes changes concerning business activity inspection procedures. Authorities always tighten the rules, making businessmen's lives even more complicated. It affects healthy performance of companies as frequent audits and checks unsettle their routine and eat away working hours because all the attention of employees and managers should be focused on officials of the authorities.

Wide range of our services includes:
  • consulting concerning police checks and tax audits;
  • written and oral recommendations concerning reasonable efforts to be taken by management and employees of a company in case of any inspection;
  • personal participation of lawyers in representation of companies' interests within inspections;
  • detailed analysis of local assets of a company, of its internal and external documentations and of its activities as a preventive measure for legal government actions in future;
  • litigation documents analysis (protocols, inspection records, orders, determinations, etc.), drown up during previous inspections;
  • representation of a client’s interests in law-enforcement, supervisory and judicial authorities;
  • drafting of litigation documents of any complexity.

If you want to learn more about the types of existing tax audits do not hesitate to contact MBA «MAGNETAR». Our specialists will provide you with the full information concerning tax and police inspections, and will draw up an algorithm of actions for each particular case.