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» Representation in government authorities

Representation in government authorities

Coincidentally, it’s quite complicated for citizens to prove the legitimacy of their actions when it comes to conflicts with government authorities. In the meantime, no one is insured against negative human factors or technical errors. These two completely controversial factors significantly complicate people's lives. But in many cases employees of government authorities simply don’t care. But there is always a way off such dilemmas concerning conflicts with government authorities – professional representation of your interests by a qualified lawyer.

The lawyers of МBА «MAGNETAR» represent interests of individuals, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in all the governmental and municipal authorities, agencies and offices including:

  • in all the judicial, tax, supervisory, law enforcement, administrative and other government authorities;
  • in courts included in the system of federal courts of general jurisdiction, in magistrate courts and in courts included in the system of arbitral courts;
  • in establishments and agencies, including police agencies, investigative bodies, public prosecution and bailiff services;
  • in insurance companies and expert bodies;
  • in local government bodies, and elective bodies of the territorial entity of the Russian Federation;
  • within appeals to authorized human rights representatives, entrepreneurs' rights ombudsmen, etc.[l/ist]

    The top requested service today is representation of a client’s interests within tax legal matters because all the business entities have the obligation to pay taxes, obligatory fees, fiscal payments. Beyond that, individual income acquisition, property owning (real estate, vehicles) also produce obligation to pay taxes.

    However sometimes individuals, entrepreneurs or legal entities have the right for tax remissions. But government authorities do not announce that fact and individuals as well as legal entities then have to assert their remission rights themselves.

    If the government authority detected a so-called violation in operation of a company or found the documentation package provided for public service deficient, they try to illegally bring an entity or an individual to responsibility or refuse to enforce their rights. In both cases the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” may represent interests of principals within any disputes with government authorities.

    One more branch of our activity is the legal formalization of a corporate structure, registration of amendments to the charter, liquidation of businesses. Sometimes the founder of a company simply has no time for packing together all the necessary documents because execution of each document takes time and if there are any mistakes found in those documents, the whole procedure has to be started from the very beginning which results in time and money losses. To avoid such problems, we suggest you to turn to the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” for representations of your interests in government authorities. We would do everything for you as promptly as possible and will provide you with the full package of the documents needed.
    In contexts of developing legal relations in Russia, an authorized representative of corporate interests may completely substitute its official representatives. In other words, the authorized representative may substitute individuals that may represent the company without a letter of attorney by virtue of the Carter or in accordance with the decision of founding parties. This is quite a reasonable and practical solution, as official representatives may sometimes not have the specific skills and knowledge due to lack of legal education and practical legal experience. That’s why it would be wiser to turn to professionals for qualified legal help and protection of corporate interests in any government authority and other bodies and agencies. This is the kind of help that may be provided by the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” for any corporate structure or individual. The successful labor experience with government and municipal authorities lets us to resolve any problem of our client in the most effective way, within the shortest time and with the most positive result for the client.

    If pre-trial measures don't bring the positive result for the client, the latter may need to have a professional to represent his interests in court. The lawyers of MBA «MAGNETAR» have a large experience in representing of clients' interests at a top-level. To have a lawyer as a representative in court, a client needs to sign the two-side agreement between a lawyer of MBA «MAGNETAR» and a principal. To learn more about our services do not hesitate to contact us using one of our contact numbers.

    The professional representation of your interests within legal relations with government and other authorities guarantees successful resolution of your problem. The entrepreneurial activities of today especially need qualified legal support as in-house lawyers are sometimes too busy or not experienced enough to meet all the requirements of the company or to provide complex legal defense or representation of interests. An in-house lawyer often comes across quite critically in legal relations with government authorities. That's why in a conflict with government authorities it's better to use professional legal help in representation of interests. Legal support of a lawyer – is principally different level of legal defense. This is the kind of professional defense offered by MBA “MAGNETAR” in Moscow.