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» Complicated economic, tax and corruption cases

Complicated economic, tax and corruption cases

The legal protection of your business can’t be complete if there are no measures taken for protection of interests of the concrete person within criminal proceedings as well as for representation of his interests within pre-trial investigation and his questioning as a witness within a criminal case.

Sometimes it seems to be like there is no way out of a certain situation that happened. Criminal proceeding- is one of the less pleasant sides of the criminal law which consists of several stages: pre-investigation check, initiation of a criminal case, preliminary investigation, litigation procedure and then execution of a sentence.

With the acknowledgement of importance for a client to receive legal support in time, we provide for possible prompt on-site visit to a client in case of his detention, execution of a search or other urgent investigative actions. In fact, in such situations time wasting may be fatal. For this reason, complex approach for any business protection has to include professional legal protection of a concrete person – the representative of a business - at all the stages of criminal proceedings.

Professional legal protection of criminal defendants' rights within economic, tax, corruption cases is the focus area of our lawyers, specializing in criminal cases.

The professional style of our lawyers is special because they use complex approach to legal defense matters which includes the involvement of all the necessary specialists proficient in the certain area.

It's important to acknowledge that litigation privilege is the information about application of somebody for legal support, information about a crime, accomplices, personal life of a defendant, received by a lawyer from files of criminal investigation in the course of defense, about correspondence of a suspect, defendant with a lawyer. A lawyer be questioned as a witness upon circumstances that he learned during his work with the client (Sections 1 and 3 of Art.72 CPC). These provisions of the law lay the groundwork for full trust between a principal and a lawyer and for unobstructed appeal to him for help.

The high level of competency in knowledge of the law and high qualification of our lawyers let us to protect our clients against unreasonable criminal prosecution, unjust punishment, abuse of authority by law-enforcement agents, non-observation of procedural rights within preliminary investigation, legal criminal proceedings or other negative events in criminal cases considering.

The Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” united a number of experienced lawyers, proficient in providing qualified legal support at any stage of criminal proceedings within economic, tax and corruption cases, which includes:
  • legal defense of a principal – suspect, defendant, defendant in a criminal prosecution within preliminary investigations and it court;
  • appeal by a lawyer of judicial acts, orders, sentences under cassation and supervisory procedures;
  • participation of a lawyer in special investigative actions including searches of premises, vehicles, terrain searches, in representation of interests of a principal;
  • legal defense within investigative activities including questionings, searches, captions;
  • representation of interests of a principal during pre-investigation checks or questioning on the witness stand;
  • prompt on-site visit of a lawyer for urgent participation in defense of interests within a criminal case or during special investigative actions.
  • elaboration of measures against illegal takeovers and “paid-for” audits conducted for the purpose of displacement from the market sector, legal support in all the law-enforcement and supervisory bodies.