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» Legal support within international economic activities

Legal support within international economic activities

Any owner of a business that has something to do with international economic activity has to deal with various matters. This is about treaty making which is quite specific. The lack of special knowledge results in legal controversy, including custom law disputes. The intervention of a qualified dedicated lawyer is essential for resolution of such a matter with maximum accuracy.

Legal support for international transactions
Operating in international markets, it’s important to keep in mind that statutory regulations around the globe may vary. Disregard of some negligible at first sight details may result in unprofitability of a deal or may even cause significant losses. To avoid adverse effects, it’s essential to provide a deal with qualified support. A lawyer has to know all the distinctions of the legislation system of the partner-country.

When it’s better to turn for help?
The lawyers and solicitors of the MBA «MAGNETAR» proficient in international transactions may help to deal with the following questions:
  • to perform legal examination of existing contracts;
  • to analyze the operational business-blueprint for compliance with statutory regulations;
  • to draft templates of the documents that may be used for further operations.

Legal examination, transaction support
Lack of knowledge on the side of employees of a company may become a major threat for successful settlement of international transactions. Unawareness of distinctions in legislation systems of different countries, poor attention to details or incomplete elaboration often result in collapse of a deal.
The first step of legal examination includes full review of documentations and their compliance with legal regulations, analysis of interests of both parties of an international deal. During this step, it’s possible to assess all the risks within the deal and to decide on expediency of the deal with this particular partner and under these terms.
The second step is – composition of notes and elaboration of new operating principles based on the feedback of both parties. All the proceedings are done with regard to statutory regulations of all the countries participating in the deal
After that, it’s possible to go over to partnership risks assessment and ways of their minimization. At this step, a client receives an opinion drawn up by a specialist. It contains points which according to expert opinion need adaptation and data non-complying with existing laws.

Business-blueprints analysis
Sometimes the management of a company render a decision that the company should base all its operations upon certain business-blueprint. That blueprint has to conform with both Russian statutory regulations and the foreign one.

The existing business-blueprint analysis includes several aspects:
  • performance of an audit in order to assess the performance of a company;
  • examination of a blueprint for compliance with statutory regulations of the countries participating in the deal;
  • suggestions on business processess optimization and provision of assistance in their settlement.

Composition of an optimal operational algorithm is a high-demand service. Especially when it comes to entering into agreements with foreign partners. For each client there is an individual optimal business model to be followed in future.

Support in completion of documents
The list of services provided by the МBА «MAGNETAR» within international economic activity includes:

  • consulting upon international economic activity matters;
  • representation of interests of a company within disputes with customs authorities;
  • legal support at the stage of document preparation for a deal;
  • representation of interests of a company in court.

Any stage of work is performed by experienced specialists of MBA «MAGNETAR» proficient in resolution of specific cases.

Maintenance services
The companies dealing with international transactions on a regular basis may be interested in our legal maintenance service.
It enables the possibility to receive prompt consultations upon your matters and to get support of our qualified lawyers and solicitors at any time. The list of subscription services upon foreign economic activity also includes elaboration of suggestions on operations.
Choosing our specialists, our clients may be sure that their transactions will be closed in compliance with existing law and upon the most beneficial terms. It will also help to avoid complications and large financial losses.

Ordering the maintenance service, a company hands resolution of all the legal matters to reliable specialists of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR”.