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Tax disputes

The most complicated and contradictory part of the Russian law is tax legislation. It has something to do with the fact that the tax legislation frequently undergoes changes. Almost every year the tax legislation is being significantly evolved, resulting in sophistication of the tax information legal consciousness on the part of individuals and in occurrence of various legal cases.

Its negative contribution make numerous, sometimes absolutely controversial instructions and letters of the Ministry of Finance followed by tax authorities. It normally results in the conflict of laws and taxpayers, particularly corporates, inevitably fall victims of it. Even lawyers and tax authorities themselves quite often misinterpret and misapply tax legislation regulations causing legal conflicts and tax disputes.

Despite all the negative factors, there is always a way out of a problematic situation. The lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” provides advocacy of taxpayers. The key condition of success is to timely turn for professional legal help, because time is not only money, but a possibility to solve a problem with minimum losses.
The MBA "MAGNETAR" offers the following types of complex legal services concerning tax law:
  • consultations upon tax legislation in situations of varying complexity and legal orientation, including the most critical situations;
  • legal support of legal entities within tax audits;
  • representation of a client’s interests in tax authorities within pre-trial proceedings as well as in courts (no matter who initiated a judicial proceeding);
  • representation of interests of legal entities within arbitral proceedings in case of bankruptcy initiation by tax authorities.

We use our large legal experience that lets us analyze a client’s problematic situation in all the possible legal aspects and ways of its resolving. Collegial approach gives us all the significant advantages, such as: precise itemization of the problem and search for solutions by our lawyers. In the end, we offer to our clients the complete legal analysis of the situation as well as all the possible ways of its resolving with maximum benefit for the client or with minimal casualties for him. Each result depends on individual differences of the client's situation and on the stage at which the client turned for legal help.

Almost all the representatives of corporate structures of the Russian Federation know that it's quite complicated to resolve a dispute with a tax authority unassisted because the latter represents interests of the government and because their determination of tax laws and regulations considered to be correct and indisputable. But daily practice proves otherwise. Many representatives of government agencies simply abuse their position and power. However, an overwhelming majority of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are powerless in such conflict situations. The lawyers of МBА “MAGNETAR” may provide complex services upon resolution of disputes with positive results for a client. Qualified lawyers admitted to the bar have an access to cases of any category (civil, administrative, criminal), giving additional advantages in legal services provision. The lawyers of our Bar Association may take part in variable solutions of tax disputes at any stage.

The lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association "MAGNETAR" have been providing high-quality legal services for a long time and providing legal support for corporate structures within tax disputes on the territory of Moscow and beyond its limits. To specify parameters and learn all the details concerning our legal services you can use one of our telephone numbers or via "Contact form" button. You will be provided with the full information on the procedure of obtaining the legal help you need and on optimum conditions of possible cooperation.

Please, keep it in your mind that one shouldn't put away for later a problem that may and should be resolved now. The timely intervention of a qualified lawyer considerably saves not only time of clients, but also their money. It’s much easier and takes less time to solve a problem at the initial stage, therefore we make every effort to protect interests of our client and in most cases, we help to resolve the problem at the stage of its initiation.
In case of turning for help to us now, you are about to feel significant changes within the solution of your problem immediately. There are no hopeless situations, but there are some that were wrongly analyzed and poorly researched. With us your business activities will always be under reliable legal protection!