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Tender support

You can find qualified professionals is not always easy, in view of the fact that this area is still insufficiently developed in Russia. As practice shows, the greatest problems arise from small and medium enterprises – participants of purchases, as not possessing sufficient experience and do not have financial capacity for the recruitment of staff members and also have no experience of the organizers (customers) purchasing, which the law requires to start to work according to certain rules.

The way out can be appeal for help to the professionals at the ICA "MAGNETAR", the scope of which is providing professional services on complex support in the field of competitive procedures to the bidders and customers.

Our team provides a full complex of services connected with participation in the auction, from the drafting of tender documentation and the technical part to holding consultations on conditions of the concluded contract with the winner of competition and the protection of the interests in controlling bodies and courts.

We are ready to professionally represent Your interests in the market of government and commercial procurement to the extent that will be required, which will allow You to maximize participation in all tenders that interest You, and if you win – to sign a contract on the terms that will satisfy You.