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Criminal practice

Criminal lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” will provide qualified legal assistance to a person suspected or accused of committing various crimes under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Our lawyers specialized in criminal law provide assistance to their clients in the most complicated and confusing situations, including criminal proceedings on economic and corruption matters.

The great experience and practice of solicitors and lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR” allow us to provide the most effective methods of legal protection, using the proper strategy, we can find documents confirming your innocence, evidence and information, sending requests and petitions to all the sufficient instances.

The high level of professionalism of our lawyers allows to successfully defend legitimate rights and interests of our lawyers in the course of criminal proceedings and in cases of any complexity!

Lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” will provide qualified legal assistance to corporate and individual clients at the stage of pre-investigation examination, inquiry or preliminary investigation, as well as in courts for official misdemeanors, crimes in the economic sphere, including:
  • Fraud;
  • Legalization (laundering) of money or other property;
  • Abuse of official powers and authority;
  • Receiving and giving a bribe;
  • Mediation in a bribe;
  • Illegal business;
  • Illegal banking activities;
  • Commercial bribery;
  • Abuse of authority in commercial organizations;
  • Organization of illegal migration;
  • Negligence.

Upon concluding the agreement on defense within a criminal case, the lawyers of MBA “MAGNETAR” proficient in criminal law, will carefully study and analyze all the circumstances of the criminal case, will help to choose the right tactics of protection, provide legal assistance in searches, interrogations and other investigative actions.

The help of lawyers of the MBA “MAGNETAR” is the correct way to solve the legal difficulties, not only of a particular person who has come to the attention of law enforcement bodies, but also of the organization with minimum time losses.

In case you still have questions, contact us by phone or by filling the application form right now, so that we could start to elaborate the strategy of further behavior and protection, based on experience of our professionals.


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